Magic is in the Air at “Wizards and Fools: The Hallows’ Fool Moon Magic Show” at Actors Forum Theatre

On a seemingly normal Sunday evening, pre Halloween festivities, something of almost supernatural, magical, other worldly realm took place at the Actors Forum Theatre in Noho, as Brandon Scott’s “Wizards and Fools: The Hallows’ Fool Moon Magic Show” wowed the audience, as they watched each trick with bated breath. Mystical feats galore, including an opening act where Brandon Scott “Wizardwick” transformed a clear glass of water into ‘red juice.’ Tricks of irony, sleight of hand, accompanied by Renaissance style of song and dance, were performed by the amazingly talented ensemble, including Larry Lederman, Billy Revel, Cathryn MacEllerhan Saahira, Christine O’Nan, Jessica Forrest, Duane Thorin, Jeannie Hudak, and Kassandra Corral “Sparkles.” Wizard extraordinaire Brandon Scott intrigued the audience, with quite a bit of audience participation, guessing cards in a deck, amongst other flights of fancy. As All Hallows Eve is upon us, it is time to embrace the uncanny, a time magic and mystique, a time of abra cadabra and hocus pocus, a change of pace from the humdrum ordinary routine of life.

This show presents not only magic, but a theatrical flair, with colorful costumery, exuding all things mysterious and magical, an exciting spectacle of activity, much like the hugely popular Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas, taking us to another dimension, even if only temporarily.

At the stroke of the Fool M0on, Brandon Scott (wizard) and his entourage perform a magic show, complete with feats, using innate skills of ESP and illusional sleight of hand, so as to remember the story of their ancestral make believe reality. The lucky few have these gifts, but most do not. The audience vicariously lived the magic presented in all its theatrical glory, just the trick or treat we need this month. Brand0n Scott presented his craft, with utmost perfection and passion, leaving each audience member on the edge of one’s seat in awe, especially of the amazing card tricks and liquid disappearing through a newspaper in thin air. Brandon is both enlightening and empowering, as he shares “this otherworldly show, interweaving storytelling, magic, comedy and dance into a unique theatrical tapestry.” This grand celebration celebrates the night of the Fools Moon, a very special occurrence once only every 500 years. The revelry onstage reminds us that nothing is impossible, from magic spells, disappearing acts, and spirits that awaken our ‘inner ghosts.’ This is the time to don a costume, wear a mask and disguise, a time to embrace the surreal with witches and wizards. Why not treat yourself to ‘tricks a-plenty” with many surprises in store.

Through October 25

Fridays and Saturdays 8PM Sundays 7PM

Buy tickets:

818 5060600

Actors Forum Theatre 10655 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood

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