You’re in store for a treat at Provincetown theatre “Buyer and Cellar”

“Buyer and Cellar,” written by Jonathan Tolins, is the talk of the town at the Provincetown theatre, starring Nic Cory , as Alex More, brings to life on stage his fictional experience working for the larger than life diva, Barbra Streisand. Early on, we learn his retail experience along with a stint at Toontown at Disney, lands him a job in the fabled, caricatured world of Barbra’s mansion in Malibu, manning the fantasyland basement shopping mall of dolls and dresses. This mall truly exists, as mentioned in Streisand’s book “Passion for Design,” though the profound conversations of self worth and the price of fame and fortune between Barbra and Alex are fictional flights of fancy.
Cory,  in a tour de force performance reenacts the characters of Barbra as well as his envious boyfriend Barry , and even a portrayal of James Brolin, with precise diction and mannerisms, such as talking with his hands and all the nuances attached. His voice and body language reveal his range of emotions from nervous to ecstatic to torn between his 2 worlds of reality and fantasy , and ultimately a poignant look at self worth both for struggling actors and self made millionaire celebrities, each persona with loneliness at their core, with a burning desire to connect . This gig that More has landed is a gay man’s dream, as it were, and so fitting to be in Provincetown, under the Peregrine theatre company. In this play, one learns of the price one pays for friendship and approval and the temptation to mistake a job for more than what meets the eye.


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