Waiting to wed; Grace under pressure in “Waiting for Grace”

Grace’s (Sharon Sharth) only wish is to find true love and have it all, not necessarily in that order. The story and fairy tale wish that she has told herself forever , was a guy who’d promise to love and cherish her, the ring, the whole deal or no deal, in sickness or health, til death do us part, a la Romeo and Juliet. She’s willing to kiss a lot of frogs to ultimately find her Prince Charming.
It’s what she’s wanted more than anything in the entire world. This fast paced comedy, replete with a talented ensemble, including Pamela Dunlap; Lily Knight; Todd Babcock; Jeff LeBeau; and Bob Telford , features characters and timely topics sure to resonate with both female and male audiences. This show is sure to “put a little love in your heart,” especially at the festive holiday season where those near and dear to us are even more precious.
Yet Grace must also find inner peace within herself in order to receive love from another.
Her own resilience proves her strength to finally earn her “happily ever after.”
A happy ending with a man of her dreams would be the piece de resistance, “the cherry on the cake.” The show’s poignant dialogue on love, life and loss reveals the reality that intimacy and commitment isn’t always pretty. The actors are fresh, youthful and energetic, keeping the momentum flowing throughout the show. For the most part, the cast, through a delicate, dynamic dance of romantic love, never fails to amuse and entertain. The play cleverly juxtaposes the tender, almost ‘too close for comfort’ topic of broken hearts versus the potential to keep the sparks of marriage alive. It’s an uplifting take on the oft jaded look at romance and marriage once the ‘lovey-dovey honeymoon phase’ wanes. The audience is sent on an intimate, therapeutic  journey, in this beautiful space, at the Odyssey Theatre, with excellent viewing from any vantage point.
Sharon Sharth holds an impressive body of work, including starring on and off Broadway, as well as television and film. At the Circle Repertory Company in NYC, she originated roles for Lanford Wilson and Aaron Sorkin. She is a member of the Actors’ Studio and an award winning playwright.
The dialogue onstage proves a romantic love nest, as Grace comes full circle, from one relationship to the next, exploring her hopes, dreams, and disappointments. The audience is in for a treat, as they live, love and laugh vicariously through Grace’s trials and tribulations. In these troubled, precarious times, what we all truly need is a dose of ‘love sweet love.’

Through December 11th
Odyssey Theatre 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 8pm
Sundays 2pm
For reservations (323)960-7788

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