Rain Pryor is Twice Blessed… in “Fried Chicken and Latkes” at the Braid

With food fusion of different cultures being all the rage , such as “kasha wontons, ” or “spaghetti and matzah balls, ” Rain Prior’s one woman show at the Braid , “Fried Chicken and Latkes” serves up humor, compassion and laughter all in one.
Rain Pryor totally infuses her natural wit with childhood recollections growing up double blessed, as it were , Jewish and black . Her ‘blackish ‘ upbringing is charmingly recollected in her one women show now at the Braid , a performance of the Jewish Women’s Theatre.

Rhonda Spinak  perhaps said it best :
“What’s different about Rain’s  show is not only does it move us but it moves us to healing in ways we did not know .”
Written and performed by Rain Pryor and directed by Eve Brandstein, Rain begins her journey onstage by telling her story of growing up in a politically incorrect era , being  of both black and Jewish descent.
“I had black pride … yet was guilty for it.”
Just as the 60’s were a turbulent time to come of age and find oneself , Rain found her days ‘laden with happiness and tears, swiftly flowing the years ” lyrics from Fiddler she fondly reminisced her Bubbe singing to her. She found herself using ‘fighting words’ and following the career footsteps of her comic genius dad Richard Pryor. In one poignant moment of her show , Rain  sentimentally recollects : “my dad may not have been the “Leavev it to Beaver  ” sort …but he was my dad… and MS took away the magic.” And so it goes … from one generation following another  …Rain  is raising her own beautiful daughter , Lotus, as photo slides are shown , projected onstage as “God Bless the Child”  plays softly in background . The takeaway Rain hopes for :  “I hope the Braid audiences leave with a sense of hope and action to keep evolving and changing the world for the better . Our kids are the change. ”

http://www.jewishwomenstheatre.org  six weeks only / opens Feb 16

Thursdays and Saturdays  @ 8 pm. Sundays 2 & 7:30 pm

2912 Colorado Ave.  (800) 8383006



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