Write Act Repertory makes no wrong turns…in “Freeway Dreams”

“Freeway Dreams ” marks the reentry of the Write Act Repertory from New York to Los Angeles and appropriately pays homage to the city’s complex freeways, and frustrations thereof.  It validates the amazing quality and value of this company’s productions that is a signature of their reputation and history . While originally  based in Hollywood in a small church on Yucca St, I as a reviewer held their company as the best LA small theatre offers .

This particular show is  a slice of Lala land onstage. Yet it is completely beyond original . The 4 characters , cars in tow, we immediately see their frustration as they endure LA traffic, the most heinous gridlock ever encountered .
“Freeway Dreams” might possibly be more like ‘freeway nightmares,’ as each character undergoes his/her own trauma and tribulation with the brilliance of the music and lyrics (Wayne Moore), making their dilemmas all the more poignant .
The license plates identify each character : pizza delivery guy/ restaurant owner (Jonathan Brett ); Queen Bee Brenda  , a casting director and voluptuous lover; (Stephanie B. Andersen).
One plate states “ohm,” referring to Deborah , a yoga class groupie /sexy receptionist ala Marilyn Monroe , (Leslie Rubino); and the last but not least Andrew , a self described ‘fat actor,’ (Darren Mangler).  The opening song “Freeway,”  is a grabber for sure, about how everyone hates the freeway , itinerant cursing and honking in background enabling each character to get to their destination, both literally and figuratively, hopes and dreams not withstanding .
Many comedic scenes abound on this tiny bare stage including one scene in an Italian restaurant where Jonathan Brett recites his menu in song, demonstrating his aspirations beyond a waiter . A wonderful song is belted by Stephanie Anderson : “A Big Woman  Needs  a Big Man ,” and a wonderful rendition of “My Superman” by Leslie Rubino.
One casting session references Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise  , yet Darren Mangler  will suffice . A constant interplay ensues, between reality and fantasy,  all in the midst of surviving traffic against all odds to fulfill dreams
The director/choreographer of the show (Jim Blanchette) provides a very effective gibberish response to the many phone calls made onstage . This play owes credit to all the stellar players behind the scenes : John Lant (producer ); Wayne Moore ( writer, musical direction ) and Jim Blanchette (direction, choreography).
The Write Act is back on board and we are all blessed .

Through June 11

Write Act Repertory  Brickhouse Theatre

10950 Peach Grove Street Noho

Fridays and Saturdays 8pm; Sundays 6pm

for tickets : 800 838-3006. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2951519

About Bonnie Priever Curtain Up!

I am a theatre reviewer extraordinairre. I attend and cover theatres ranging from large to small venues, and every subject from musical theatre to dramatic presentations. Also please check out my reviews at www.examiner.com and www.tolucantimes.com my email is bonniedeb13@hotmail.com
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