Breathe Deep…and give praise…to “Trixie: The Musical

“Trixie: The Musical” pays homage to the art of psychotherapy in its many creative forms, from cognitive behavioral therapy, expressive art therapy; to motivational interviewing and empathic reflective validation.  Under Elizabeth DelloRusso’s superb direction, ensemble members, Emily Decker (Trixie); Elizabeth DellaRusso (Lily); Sean Benedict (Bradley); Kate Bowman (Jackie); Adam Lau (Paul); Samantha Lawrence (Lydia); and Christopher Robert Smith (Mark), give a stellar performance.  The exchanges between each ticking time bomb and their trusty therapist will keep the audience engaged throughout the show, with a subtle, satiric look at the industry of self help and psychotherapy.  Each character hopes to resolve his/her personal issues, some deeply rooted from childhood, and in turn help heal therapist Trixie at the same time. The play is quite intense and profound in one, as ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ come to life onstage, taking anthropomorphic forms as they dance around Trixie.  It is an exploration of the human spirit, with all its temptations and addictions, and the journey of the common man/woman driven to the edge.  The show’s hook right from the start is a slide image of a soothing blue ocean wave, with a voiceover encouraging us to ‘meditate, breathe deep.’  Musical interludes ensue, with musical numbers and catchy tunes, having the audience hum along in no time. When Trixie  finally embraces her  full, true self, she becomes the beloved therapist and authentic person she’s been all along.

for more information

The Complex Theatre

June 10 @ 7:30 pm.  June 16 @ 8:30 pm

June 17 @ 1:30 pm. June 24 @ 10pm

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