Let Go and Let God… at Jewish Women’s Theatre

“Crossing Our Red Sea”
Why is this show different from all other shows? Because this show is the one to celebrate women’s freedom from oppression and all that may shackle us, since nothing is ever easy, especially this theme, and this time of year, as Passover, story of the exodus,  is upon us.  The women (and man ) who tell the profound stories of their own personal ‘exodus,’ as it were, prepare us for the meaning of Passover, and in essence, the value of life. The stories are told and performed by AJ Meijer; Kate Zentall; Melanie Chartoff; and Tiffany Mualem. These stories are about freedom, family, and forgiveness. It’s a mix of darkness and lighter comedy; a blend of fears, tears, and laughter as well.
“Crossing Our Red Sea” is also a statement of Jewish identity, from many personal points of reference. From secular to religious, from immigrant to convert, the autobiographical stories touch on many topical themes of today’s world, which are sure to resonate with many an audience member, regardless of gender, age, and belief. The tension between who we are and what we believe and obtaining the freedom to be and express who we truly are is at the core of each vignette presented. The intimate venues of the Jewish Women’s Theatre productions allow the audience members to literally be part of the situation and vicariously share the joys and heartbreaks that each storyteller vividly relates.
At the Q&A following the show, one audience member commented on how each talented artist made each individual story come to life vividly onstage, really sounding autobiographical and from the heart. This ability is truly what fine acting is all about. What a joyous, apropos show to bring on the season of spring and rebirth, the festival of freedom. Writer Natasha Basley; her piece, entitled “Crossing the Red (Communist) Sea,” addressed how her father’s stirring story in turn brought her closer to her own identity, as a Jew, a daughter of an immigrant, and a woman. “This is my identity – and I’ve found a creative outlet to channel it.”
For the chance to explore the profound themes of liberation, love, life, and loss, don’t miss “Crossing Our Red Sea.”
For more information on show venues and dates, visit http://www.jewishwomenstheatre.org

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