Just loved “L.O.V.E.R!”

The one woman show, L.O.V.E.R. , performed and written by dynamo Lois Robbins, is now in its run at the Zephyr Theatre. The show is an eye opening, empathetic, cathartic bravura solo performance. As a writer, her prose and delivery is synchronized and brilliant. She deals with multiple experiences, sexual and otherwise; as the actress/mouthpiece, Robbins is stellar quality. The story is comprised of her mostly autobiographical anecdotes, of affairs with many an interesting man until she finally lands ‘Mr. Right,’ one that her protective father will approve of. Her wry and wit remind me of a mix between Catcher in the Rye, Tom Jones, and Lolita, a coming of age delight, with elements and seeming inspiration from these great works. The opening scene itself is very telling: a washing machine in spin cycle, with all its quirks and quivers, as the actress is perched on top, gyrating in sync with the churning. This show is an ‘all hangs out, let loose’ kind of wild tale, with no holds barred and much revealed. She’s a whimsical dancing fairy onstage, with a myriad of voices at the ready: her mother, father, and assorted characters along her wonderful, hilarious journey. She quips about profound advice a friend gave her, and by which she lives by: “whoever you end up with, will peel your grapes!” At a certain point in the show (and in her real life), things turn serious, as she discovers she has breast cancer. With poetry, profundity, and heartfelt monologue, she compares her life to a Woody Allen film, one in which you can’t keep secrets from your kids. The incidental music, montage of photographs and videos all were wonderfully concocted. One attribute sums up  Lois Robbins, as she proudly self describes, “I was always a good listener.” From this strength, a standout insightful, comedic performance results. One highlight is her story of climbing a mesa, with both literal and figurative effects on her life. This play is about climbing mountains, facing plateaus, and leaving the audience energized, ready to climb one’s own Everest.

Through May 12
Zephyr Theatre
7456 Melrose Ave
Thursdays 8 PM; Fridays 8 PM; Saturdays 8PM; Sundays 3 PM

About Bonnie Priever Curtain Up!

I am a theatre reviewer extraordinairre. I attend and cover theatres ranging from large to small venues, and every subject from musical theatre to dramatic presentations. Also please check out my reviews at www.examiner.com and www.tolucantimes.com my email is bonniedeb13@hotmail.com
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