The Fab Fiona in her one woman show @ the Zephyr

Fiona Goodwin makes no bones about being very  British and very lesbian in the extremely  funny, droll, and ascerbic one woman show, “A Very British Lesbian,” now in its run at the Zephyr Theatre on Melrose.  She both wrote and stars in this brilliant show, and based on the audience’s reaction opening night, she is comparable to a Jerry Seinfeld or Sarah Silverman stand up act at a comedy venue.  She pretty much spills her guts and we are the privileged recipients of her poetic and introspective dilletante prancing and dancing up a storm onstage.  And yet, it’s all done in a very British self effacing style.  She says things like “I eat as much as I can because I’m starving,” (showing she’s hungry for food and sex in one gulp); and “I’m determined to have hetero sex even if it kills me,” showing that what you see and believe about any person (especially a gay one,) is not necessarily what you get.  As she talks and titters away about her interesting life & lovelife, a backdrop screen relates images that hilariously quantify her experiences.  There is also a strong religious theme mixed in with her stories on attempting to become an actress, and so she says things like “when I was doing a play about Jesus Christ, I fell in love with the actress playing the Virgin Mary….Oh, and then she goes and gives birth…and by the way the baby is Jesus!”  She continues on a self pity rant : “how could she do this? I loved her with my heart and soul and thought she was the one!”  There is a wonderful selection of musical interludes that spice up the shenanigans we are witnessing.  There’s not one dull moment, as the audience applauses and laughs throughout.  A memorable moment is her riff on The Sound of Music , and her dancing and talking  just like Julie Andrews. The direction by Wendy Hammers was phenomenal; the wardrobe and lighting were the icing on the cake!  Go see this play! You will not be disappointed.

Zephyr Theatre  7456 Melrose Ave


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