Wander No More: “The Bronx Wanderers” have Arrived!

When one first enters the Windows showroom at the Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas, one immediately feels like it’s something directly out of the old time Rat Pack shows at the Sands, or, perhaps a nightclub on the Jersey shore in Atlantic City.  The magical vibe of this show is felt instantly, as one takes a nostalgic view down memory lane, watching a slideshow of featured clips of ‘oldies but goodies,’ ranging from Beach Blanket Bingo to Ferris Bueller; from Moonstruck to the Sopranos; from Tony Orlando to Wayne Newton.  Then enters dynamic lead singer of “The Bronx Wanderers,” Vinnie Adinolfi, who vivaciously greets the audience, stating “when you’re from the Bronx & you make it in the show biz, it’s a real miracle come true!” He reminisces of times and images of his beloved Bronx neigborhood with doowop on every corner.  Apropos for the show I saw on Memorial Day, the band started out with a Veteran/Memorial Day medley, including songs like “We Gotta Get Out of This Place,” and “Fortunate Son.”  The Show is a homage, a love letter of sorts, to the yesteryear of the Bronx (i.e The Bronx Tale). Vinnie relays a story about how his dear friend Chazz Palminerri suggested he start a group with his boys Vinnie Jr. and Nick.  “That moment changes our lives forever.”  The Bronx Wanderers is Jersey Boys meets the sidewalks of New York, replete with images onscreen of cannoli, calzones, and stickball.  Vinnie shared fond memories of growing up, as his friends listened to Led Zeppelin and heavy metal, he longed for the melodies along the GW bridge, such as “Save it for Me” (Frankie Valli), and “Ragdoll,” (The Four Seasons).  The phenomenal high energy band graced the stage  from show’s start to finish, delving into the rich, golden history of gentler, kinder days gone by, in a musical driven extravaganza like no other.

Vinnie told of his true ‘American idols,’ from his formative years, like Dion & the Belmonts and Danny Aiello: “just call them, and they’d come running.”  He nostalgically told about his encounters with music  legends and luminaries that lit up the stage, like Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, and Ray Mazanra (the Doors).  The Bronx Wanderers performed songs that were the memorable hits at the time, such as the standout number, “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant,” (Billy Joel), “Who Loves You,” (The Four Seasons), and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” (Queen).  The band accompaniment was exceptional, moving from  rock & roll to old standards, doo-wop and beyond.  This show is so full of high energy, outstanding vocals, and sheer team effort.  What a way to start a night out on egg town in the ‘other city that never sleeps,’ Vegas, a dreamy diversion, to celebrate a special occasion, or life in general!


About Bonnie Priever Curtain Up!

I am a theatre reviewer extraordinairre. I attend and cover theatres ranging from large to small venues, and every subject from musical theatre to dramatic presentations. Also please check out my reviews at www.examiner.com and www.tolucantimes.com my email is bonniedeb13@hotmail.com
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