Melinda ‘Grace’s The Stage In her one woman show in Fringe Fest 2018

“Confessions of a Hopeful Southerner… in front of Strangers” is a creative, original and honest look at Melinda Grace (Mel)’s passion for excellence and success in her chosen craft of acting. In her one woman show, she plays 19 different roles, ranging from her prim and proper acting teacher…to a 4 year old whining toddler… to assorted characters of the illustrious playwright Tennessee Williams.
Her one hour autobiographical chronology flows and evolves naturally, as each unique character comes to represent a stage in her life and to illustrate the dichotomy of her life in New York, as an aspiring off Broadway starlet…to her arrival in Hollywood, where she currently feels is ‘the right place to be.’ Many of her caricatures and scenarios are directly out of the masterful works of Williams, such as “Summer Storm;” “A Streetcar Named Desire;” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” In each progressing monologue, Melinda Grace’s confidence soars and star appeal shines bright. She is both dramatic and humorous in one, and her stage aura is captivating. Every individual who pursues acting has a unique niche, and Melinda Grace is no exception, as she finds her own signature style in this heartfelt solo show (my particular favorite genre!). Her ‘more than 15 minutes of fame’will undoubtedly lead to many years of working onstage in both coasts, much like a ‘younger’ Kristen Chenoweth. As a consistent, quite sentimental sub-plot, Melinda goes to the front corner of the stage, on her daily long distance telephone conversations with her father, clearly her supportive ‘rock.’ This show ensures a whimsical yet gritty look at life, love, and the daily travails of a working actor forging a career in the big city, while maintaining her Southern ‘comfort zone’ and innate perennial charm.

Performances June 16 9pm
June 22 7pm

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