Forget your Troubles, come hear “The Book That I’m Going To Write,” by Judy Garland @ the Fringe

Jason Powell perfectly captures the passion, the talent, and most of all the angst of the legendary Judy Garland, in his solo show at the Fringe 2018. This is a new, original play adapted from spoken word recordings, and Powell is truly phenomenal in this portrayal. A whole lot of people have always felt strongly about Judy, and the chance to hear her intimate, innermost sentiments on love, life , family , marriage, fame, and fortune is a rare privilege indeed. From beginning to end, Powell,s physical mannerisms, facial expressions, and choice of selections leave no room for doubt why audiences are enthralled and mesmerized by the potent personality that is Judy Garland. The show covers the actress’ life at a most precarious time, starting in London, 1964, during a series of concert comebacks, just a few years before her tragic overdose in 1969. One standout monologue delves into her marital and financial woes, significantly placing blame on former spouse, Sid Luft. Obviously, what a one person show about Judy Garland needs is strong performer, and this show, brilliantly directed by Phillip Fazio, is blessed with powerhouse Jason Powell. His delivery of the star’s iconic aura, both her highs and lows, mania and magnetism, is clearly revealed, amidst a simple set of a room with a recording device and plenty of booze bottles at her access. References to her classic favorites, such as “The Trolley Song,” and “Over the Rainbow” bring a sense of nostalgia and ominous sympathy to the tragedies to soon befall this once innocent, beloved young starlet. The Ruby Theatre at the Hollywood Complex was the ideal venue for Fringe theatre-goers to “forget their troubles, come on, get happy, and go somewhere over the rainbow,” to hear “The Book That I’m Going to Write,” by Judy Garland.

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