Angst and Soul Comes Alive In “You In Mid Air”

“You In Mid Air” is a one woman show, recently premiering at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s a powerful tribute and elegy to Rebecca Schaeffer, the daughter of actress/writer Danna Schaeffer. Rebecca was killed in 1989, at the age of 22, by an obsessed fan, Robert Bardo. Rebecca, an up and coming aspiring actress, at the prime of her life, was expecting a script from Francis Ford Coppola, to be delivered to her door, for a role in Godfather III. At her door, unbeknownst to her, was the gunman who shot her once in the heart, killing her. The amazing, incredible thing about this show is that it is not only about the beautiful Rebecca, gone way too soon. The show is also focused on the living, with the profound message of how we must carry on and even thrive, despite tragic setbacks. Danna shares of her own journey as an actress and playwright and of her husband Benson, a child psychologist. The fervor, passion, and determination she employs when discussing the ‘cut throat’ C848BFD2-1E28-4F95-A3C7-B25B01EBD8CC.pngworld of entertainment, and the deep, internal probing of a writer leads us, the audience, to further understand and empathize with Danna. And yet, when we see her sing, dance, and act on stage, it’s almost as if we’re visualizing an older version of Rebecca, brought back to life, as it were, getting a glimpse of the future she was so sadly never able to experience. And, when at the end, a picture is flashed on screen, of the vibrant Rebecca, this amazing journey comes to full fruition. The statement at the beginning of the play, “we were so happy, the three of us…” resonates throughout and reminds us of the great writers Sylvia Plath and Anne Frank, whose lives, respectively, were slipped away, yet leaving a rich legacy by those who survived. Even though it seems like we are all traversing through mid-air; mid-life; mid-madness; we must fight like warriors to express our inner angst and soul. All of the elements that went into making this most professional production are dazzling, especially direction by Julie Akers, lighting by Katelan Braymer, and sound design by Phil Johnson. This show is definitely among best of the Fringe ‘18.

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