“There’s Magic To Do…” and So Much More @ The Magic Castle

Magic Castle – 7001 Franklin Ave, Hollywood – Queen of Great Britain – Butler Duo Review

David Steiniger Esq​​
Eduardo Dos Santos
Restaurant Dinner & Magician Show Review
• As two British Butlers we have a passion for service and excellence. We both have a wealth of experience and educational background as Queens Butlers from the United Kingdom. Our careers have taken us to the famous Cunard Queen Mary 2 Ocean-liner working as Butlers in First class staterooms to setting up dinners in Buckingham Palace with the use of rulers for precision of measuring table set ups seamlessly. We both were delighted to be guests of “Brandon Scott” a Magician at the Magic Castle and Member of this exclusive and salubrious private members club located at 7001 Franklin Ave, Hollywood historically for 55 years.
• Our Dinner was booked for 6pm on Monday July 16. On arrival we entered through the open sesame library book case door into the Magic Castle which was a magnificent surprise entrance giving us a magical touch and feeling to the establishment. We were escorted to our table in the “Dante Room” which was beautifully decorated with a “Dante” magician theme which was very majestic with a super natural presence in the room to add to the magic of our evening. To start the evening, we ordered a decantered bottle of “The Velvet Devil Merlot 2015” from Mattawa in Washington State vented and bottled by “Charles Smith Wines” – the wine had an exuberant velvety finish with smooth, gentle acidity and velvet tannins and was an exceptional table house wine – giving us a grand introduction to the Magic Castle. We both ordered the 16OZ Ribeye Tomahawk steak – Bone in Special from the Mid-West with baked potato and butter, bacon bits, sour cream on the side as condiments as well as baton carrots and broccoli. The Tomahawk Bone in Steak was succulent, special and above all scrumptiously robust tender beef. We accompanied the steak with some French dijon mustard to give the steak that extra connoisseur edge and lift off!
• Before 8pm approached, we eagerly started to get prepared to move over from dinner in the Dante Room in a punctual manner to our first show in the Main Theatre called “The Palace of Mystery,” which featured two phenomenal comedic magicians called “Andrew Evans” and “Lindsay Benner,” who really shined with her three chapter sketch comprising of Chapter 1 “The Book of Love”, Chapter 2 “First Date” and Chapter 3 “Falling in Love”; she juggled illuminous red balls at night which was a grand finale to her final chapter sketch.
• After the first show we settled in to an after dinner digestive drink of two tawny ports as we were now warmed up for the next show at 9:15pm in the “Parlor of Prestidigitation” featuring “David Gerard” from “San Francisco” who reminded me of the lead singer of the “Talking Heads” – “David Byrne”! “David Gerard” had the same kind of zany but modern cool hipster version of stage presence of “David Byrne” which was not only a marvel to watch but ingenious!
• Our third show of the evening was at 10:15pm with “Arthur Trace” in the “Parlor of Prestidigitation” who was a very fun entertaining, playing card magician who invited my Butler associate “Eduardo Ramos Dos Santos” to appear on stage. “Arthur Trace” Managed to mysteriously put a ping pong ball into Eduardo’s hand after Eduardo in front of a live audience opened his hand and it appeared completely empty; once Eduardo closed his hands and then reopened his hand, a ping pong ball was suddenly physically in his hand! “Arthur Trace” really displayed his rare ability to create this on stage live illusion!
• Our final show for the evening was in the “Close Up Gallery” with “John Guastaferro” who was a playing card magician which rounded off the evening at 12:30am! The Magic Castle was a rare privilege to be a part of as a guest of a member Magician “Brandon Scott” and as a duo Butler team from London it gives us great pleasure to share our Butler A-List review with you as Tailors of the Butler trade profession!7439CF90-FCA9-4B76-8C7C-806AC915594AFE483A0F-14EF-4274-906B-8011D465164B3BD5FF42-2D98-417C-8AA3-914B7B21627D

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