Love Amidst the Bleachers in “Double Play”

Rating: 5 stars The Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre in Larchmont presents “Double Play,” written by Dennis Danziger and directed by Matthew Leavitt. This play is so timely, as we’ve just completed the 2018 World Series and are still in baseball fervor mode! The play involves a couple Herbert and Rosalie (Johnathan Tchaikovsky and Kim Hamilton), who ‘meet cute’ outside Yankee Stadium, Bronx early one morning September 1981. The two lonely hearts are desperately seeking love and belonging yet obsessed with their careers /hobbies; Herbert as a journalist/researcher; and Rosalie, a die hard Yankees fan and memorabilia collector. Herbert is immediately smitten and fascinated by Rosalie and proceeds to interview her, while Rosalie is more cautious in starting up any relationship. The play is full of witty dialogue, and even non baseball conossieurs will quickly catch on. The plot is consumed with these two individuals, each searching for a soulmate. Some memorable lines include: Rosalie stating nostalgically, as she looks at her beloved baseball cards of Mantle, Aaron, and DiMaggio; “if you boys were alive, you would not let them tear this down,” and Herbert in bewilderment, “who’s gonna steal your place in line today? There’s no game today and no one cares about your auction!” Eventually, the two fall for each other…and end up enlightened. As their conversations deepen outside the walls of the great Yankee Stadium, the house that Ruth built, their relationship evolves naturally over time. Once antagonistic and reserved, but then leaning into a mutually empathic, understanding friendship… and eventually marriage. When watching this endearing friendship blossom into love, you ‘gotta have heart,’ and really root for these underdog eccentrics. Herbert’s in luck with his ‘fan research’ study, as he examines and analyzes Rosalie’s unusual, mostly superstitious philosophy, that “you gotta be the first one in line when the tickets go on sale ; otherwise the Yankees won’t win!” She continues her banter, “ I don’t need friends , I got the Yankees.” The crowd watching this play will surely be tempted to “go wild,” and break out with a song of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” This play symbolizes the transition of the classic old days of baseball… to modern day baseball as we know it. At show’s end, the characters are tempted to bid on their “very own box seats for using in their living room, replete with hot dogs and crackerjacks.”
The director stated, “I hope I did the Yankees proud!”

Through October 28
Friday and Saturday 8pm
Sunday 2pm
Stephanie Feury Theatre
5836 Melrose

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