Choose Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” @ The Geffen

The messages in stories like “Scrooge” and “It’s A Wonderful Life” come to tell us of the importance of gratitude, friends, family , and community, especially at the holiday time, when we may feel most alone and vulnerable, rather than cheery, generous, and festive. Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” adapted by Jefferson Mays, Susan Lyons, and Michael Arden, now in its run at the Geffen Playhouse, does just this, as the tremendously talented Jefferson Mays (I Am My Own Wife; Yes, Prime Minister!) delivers his own unique take, filled with both drama and levity in equal sums. He impeccably gives voice to Marley, Cratchett, Tiny Tim and all the rest . The audience is transformed, along with Scrooge himself, from a world of darkness, despair and burden into a realm of glistening light and affirmation of hope. Mays deservedly garners a standing ovation at each and every performance. He remarkably, in a solo show, portrays each character so vividly, that the audience literally feels their presence. Scrooge had his eyes on them, as he heard them recite “God bless us, everyone.” Something good has got to come from a story like this.. and indeed it does. The beautiful, poetic dialogue also captures the nuance, moment and setting, such as, “ Xmas eve, with candles flaring on a cold, biting night ; palpable fog…” a year older, not richer.” And such descriptive, visceral words of the festive holiday dinner scene makes it come to life onstage: “golden goblets, custard cups; chestnuts sputtering on the fire.” One could really feel the spirits of Christmas ghosts past, present , and future, with a glimmer of hope and comfort foreshadowed. in the words of Irving Berlin, “may your days be merry and bright and all your Christmases be white.”
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