Carol’s Christmas” makes the Yuletide gay

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a tried and true clsssic, yet in the whimsical holiday spirit, it’s always a treat to see a creative take on the original story. Such is the case in “Carol’s X-mas,’ as Ebenezer Scrooge goes drag in the form of Carol, superbly played by Andy Libby. Now in its run and at the Undeground Annex in Hollywood,(“8th smash year!”), Carol’s X-mas is a hilarious, irreverent romp through the frivolity of the season. ‘She’ sits at her bar, “Carol’s Barrel,’ bah-humbugging at carolers and employees who come begging, collecting for the poor, and anyone who dares to shout out “Merry Christmas.” It will take some serious convincing and ghost visitation, along with deep soul searching to change this grumpy grinch’s heart. Truly, there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned melodramatic spoof, almost in the style of Saturday night Live satire, referencing many current political ‘hot-buttons.” Directed by Libby and adapted by Brent Stevens, this show is spot on, that we all ‘need a little Dickens,’ in the midst of our country in flux. What America needs is a good escape! Carol’s Xmas provides that escape, as it brings together a talented cohesive cast of eclectic characters, coming together with hopes to celebrate the holiday, replete with secrets revealed, visits with ghosts of Xmas’ past, present, future, family bonds reconciled, and the magic of the holiday rediscovered and reinvented. The parody song lyrics by Craig Victor are brilliant, with unforgettable holiday images, and songs of celebrating Christmas/Navidad. With such a large ensemble of ‘big personalities,’ all naturally funny people in his/her own unique style, the show is a non stop laugh a minute, with standout Andy Libby as the ultimate (drag) queen of Xmas. The scenes and vignettes, mostly hysterical, are also intertwined with touching dramatic moments as well. Since audiences nowadays, more than ever, want to escape, laugh, and be uplifted and merry, this pool of talent onstage are a ‘collaborative stew’ of sorts, whether by scripted dialogue or spontaneous improv. People will be sure to see themselves or other relatives and friends, as the plot resonates throughout the show. It’s only when one finds one’s own inner child and sense of wonder that gratitude and generosity emerges, removing the ‘bah humbug’ mentality and replacing with a hopeful, secure, and joyful approach to life. A perfectly humorous holiday treat.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
December 21, 22, 23
Underground Theatre Annex
1308 N. Wilton Place

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