The more the merrier…in “Holiday Problems Anonymous”

The cast of characters in “Holiday Problems Anonymous,” now in its run at Theatre 68, in NoHo, has certainly made a big deal of Christmas festivities with family, friends, and colleagues, and all the tensions therein. This new, original comedy, written and directed by Jason Kyle, and produced by Ronnie Marmo, investigates the dynamic between attendees of the Holiday Problems Anonymous Support group meeting, a 12 step, as it were, in a safe space where each person can share his/her specific holiday issue. The relationships unfold and unravel as the motley ensemble delve deep, waiting for the beloved Santa Claus to perhaps solve all their problems and ‘live happily ever after,’ perhaps in the North Pole! Meanwhile, back in reality, Blanca (Valentina Tammaro) seeks validity and respect as a valued ‘snow person’ in her own right, while Caroline Dingwall (Bonnie) faces the challenge of an important promotion in the corporate world of retail during the most frazzled of seasons, while gleaning pearls of wisdom and life lessons from the store’s janitor (Ed Dyer). With limited insight of the various, eclectic situations of the other group members, they now find ways to help and solve each other’s crises in ways they could never imagine, creating a Christmas miracle of sorts. “Holiday Problems Anonymous” looks into the world of mental health, through subjects such as office party dynamics, featuring the incredibly talented Vikram Bhoyrul; awkward family dinners; and holiday resolutions. The play is quite intense and profound in one, as depression and anxiety come to the forefront, onstage, as each character at first ‘dances’ around the issue without plunging right in. It is truly an exploration of the human spirit, with all its neuroses, foibles and addictions, and the journey of each of us, almost driven to the edge during the stressors of holiday time. When each cast member fully embraces his/her true self and takes control of the situation at hand, they become authentic and whole once more and are able to ‘make the holidays bright again.’

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