Sam Harris Soars through Songs @ Catalina Jazz Club

When one first steps into the Catalina Jazz Club, in anticipation of hearing Sam Harris’ dazzling show, “Stripped,” a medley of hits and faves, the magic energy of this show is felt instantly. Sam Harris is truly a trail blazing musical artist of our time, and Los Angeles theatre and cabaret enthusiasts are privileged to have the opportunity to see this show. He brings his life story and personality to vibrant life, sharing a medley of songs of jazz, showtunes, and blues genres. Along with pianist accompanist; musical director Todd Schroeder (the two have known each other for 26 years),they present an array of heartfelt, lovely, meaningful songs, including “Get Here,” “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” “I Honestly Love You,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and “In My Life.” Harris charmingly banters with the audience, reminiscing how most of his favorite songs are “about unrequited love…pain and torture… tragedy with a beat, and despite having a perfectly normal, happy childhood, one would assume the theme was more like stormy weather!” With charisma and class, he graces the stage, singing songs, certain to make us both laugh and cry; sounds and songs reflecting a kinder, gentler, more innocent time than the world today. He emphatically states, “it is so vital to laugh, sing, cry.” His rendition of “Time after Time” is a beautiful tribute to father/son relationships, and how songs and lyrics’ meanings can change and resonate over time, always gleaning something new. No show would be complete without some numbers from Harris’ Broadway show, “The Life,” and “Ham, A Musical Memoir,” replete with top hat and ‘hustlin’ 42nd St. style tunes. One audience member next to me, emphatically expressed, “I love him, and I’ve never seen him before… no words!” Sam Harris has this magical effect on his fans; we honestly love him.

Performing Feb 23 8pm
Catalina Jazz Club
6725 W. Sunset
Tickets available at

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