Survivor Instinct Prevails…in “Love, Madness, and Somewhere in Between”

James J. Cox (producer, actor, writer) is a true one man dynamo and survivor, in every sense of the word, as evident in his recent run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in his solo show, “Love, Madness, and Somewhere in Between.” The adage, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” certainly applies to Jimmy Cox, storyteller extraordinaire, as he candidly relays his gritty experiences and encounters during his childhood and youth, being sexually abused at church, facing demons of alcoholism and addiction during his adulthood, and ultimately rising like a phoenix out of the ashes, surviving to tell this important tale. It all comes down to soul searching, story telling, and survival mode, of which James Cox is remarkable, in reclaiming himself in recovery and sobriety. He miraculously heals and forgives in the form of service as an “angel warrior” in the pediatric cancer ward of Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. James Cox has always taken the path less traveled and has grown from every journey chosen. It’s oft said, ‘one lives and dies by one’s choices,’ and Cox is a prime example of choosing life. Facing obstacles and adversity is so often where true inspiration and character comes, and this is the case in Cox’ one man show. Sparks of creativity arise from places of pain, as he tells himself and the audience, “you have your whole life ahead of you…the humanity, the horror… rise above it.” It’s when he wakes up and ‘smells the roses,’ as it were, and is able to forgive, but never forget, that his true genius and philosophy of “almost dying yet still so full of life” really plays out onstage. Cox proves that humor, performance and strength is the best revenge of all. With candor, raw humility, and grace, Cox reveals the power of ‘writing what you know,’ and this brilliant actor does just that, in this brilliant show, garnering accolades, encores, and sold out crowds at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe.

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