Keep on Dancing With Treya @ The Hudson

“Treya’s Last Dance,” now in its run at the Hudson Theatre,  is a stunning one woman show that amuses, tittilates, and disturbs us all in one.  It is written and performed by the multi talented Shyam Bhatt and directed sharply by Poonam Basu.  At show’s start, the audience is pleasantly introduced to Treya through her dance, Indian, Bollywood style, maybe her last traditional steps.  Quickly after, we witness her morphing into a denizen of London, trying to understand her complex mix of sexual, emotional, and intellectual needs in a society that has deemed her a pariah.  She plays many of the characters she runs into, or the people in her life, and she is a master at revealing the extreme uniqueness of each persona.  As a writer, she paints a disturbing portrait of discrimination, rather than society embracing diversity.  She displays the vagaries of a duplicitous society, steeped in the puritanical veneer, juxtaposed with the multi cultural populace that almost seems at war with themselves.  As an actress, she shrugs, cajoles, and prances with a combination of pixie condemnation against her enemies and a yogic calm, a signature characteristic of Indian culture.  Her aura will amaze you, as it did me.  Shyam Bhatt is a professional film, television, and theatre actress, raised and trained in London.  She has been seen in The Domestic Crusaders, as Fatima, and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, as Gloria, and has won ‘Pick of the Fringe’ at the Hollywood Fringe Fest.  Poonam Basu has appeared in over 25 stage productions, in places as varied as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Madrid, also a Fringe award winner.  She has produced six short films, and has won Best Experimental Film award at Vegas Movie Awards.  She has done an exemplary job in this play, a challenging statement on presenting a strong woman, not afraid to speak her truth, in an environment where a proper, dignified Stepford Wife is the preferred norm.  In the words of playwright/poet Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.  Treya’ s pain and angst is so real and visceral, as she battles for her voice to me heard.  Go see it and you’ll be charmed at first sight. 

Through October 23

(323) 856-4252

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