Natasha McCrea Tells Her Story & Changes Lives in “Evolution of a Love Addict” @ the Whitefire

Loving…letting go…moving on…finding one’s soulmate. Many a self help book, poem, song, film, and theatre performance has been created on said subject. Now, unlike any other, in a superb class of its own, comes renowned author and love healer Natasha McCrea, reprising her one woman show, “Evolution of a Love Addict.” Having performed this show in 2012 in Atlanta, and then four years later in New York, Natasha now graces the stage in Los Angeles, live-streaming from the Whitefire Theatre. Comparing the show from then to now, she states,”back then it was, let me tell you my story for me; eight years later, it’s let me tell my story for others.” Not only has she evolved from a woman addicted to love, sometimes in all the wrong places, but has evolved into a performer, a talent, a star, glistening on stage, carrying a one woman wonder show, with an important message for audiences to hear. As Natasha retells many an anecdote of her first dates to first loves to first marriages, and then repeating the cycle, she shares the sensitive theme of love and loss, and ‘this too shall pass,’ with such vulnerability and pathos, sure to resonate virtually with each audience member, male and female alike. Between blind date, speed dates and meet ups, she finds one man after another, that she must say ‘puff puff pass,’ until the final vignette in the show, a culmination of sorts, where she finally, and in a quite fulfilling moment, states ‘puff puff exhale!’ In the post show q&a, Natasha told viewers about her writing process, and how journaling her own experiences and life lessons has infused her with the ability to empower and encourage others, as a love coach of sorts. One question posed was: “how do you forgive family and people in past relationships, rather than becoming jaded?” Her response : “its much easier to move on, if you can have open dialogue rather than sweep it under the rug.” In remounting her show in 2020, this talented performer is coming from a new stage in her life, “grounded, centered, loving life, bringing my full self to the table.” This life story, filled with gems of wisdom, is sure to land upright into the hearts and minds ready to receive.

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