An Aha Moment to Hold Onto

Lots of layers and intricacies, as revealed in the Braid’s newest show, .   It’s the moment in one’s life that serves as a wake up call, a figurative shofar call.  Now a common, everyday term in the lexicon, aha moments are anything but ordinary. The talented ensemble of Lisa Cirincione, Vicki Juditz, Dion Mucciacito, Brianna Gurdzhyan, and Judy Carter each tell his/her own moment of awakening with each story mesmerizing.  The zoom feature has the amazing ability to make this show feel as if the viewer is in a private living room or salon, the precise intent of the Braid’s productions, from its very start. Writer Maureen Rubin’s  piece, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do“, is a prime example of how, despite a curveball thrown at her, she’s lived her best life, and how her unique experience expands to a universal level, sure to resonate.  An aha is one of inspiration and insight.  Such is the case with Susan Morganstern’ s “Goodnight, My What?,” in which she meets her forever beshert at a steamy bar.  These stories will provoke the viewer to look within and never see a personal, pivotal situation at surface level, going forward. It also gives  our next generation, l’dor v dor, the needed awareness and tools to face similar scenarios.  Ronda Spinak, artistic director, explained during a talk back post show, the depth  of thought and continuity goes into the curation of each show.  “” These  performers bring the best of themselves as they present insights and pearls of wisdom that resonate with each individual viewer in a unique, personal way. Their stories pave the way to learn from life’s curveballs, one prime example being the year of 2020, the unexpected pandemic.  One such vignette, “Can I Feel More Free During Covid?,” written by Emma Peretz, explores the writer’s aha gleanings on her sheltering  in place during the pandemic. Watching this show is the best example of how to unearth an aha moment… and move forward.

About Bonnie Priever Curtain Up!

I am a theatre reviewer extraordinairre. I attend and cover theatres ranging from large to small venues, and every subject from musical theatre to dramatic presentations. Also please check out my reviews at and my email is
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