Listen to your ‘inner voice’ @ Geffen Stayhouse’ “The Door You Never Saw Before”

Each child (of any age) got the chance of a lifetime to experience laughter, song, humor, and puzzles, while listening to the  voice inside their own head, in this whimsical, musical interaction hour and a half of fun. This show, “The Door You Never Saw Before,” written by Matt Schatz; directed by Katie Lindsay; and featuring Michael Faulkner, Shyla Lefner, and Gabrielle Maiden, is just what any doctor would order for parents and children stuck at home during the pandemic quarantine.  With clever lines of dialogue and lyrics, such as “stuck in lockdown, tear the clock down,” and “clap your hands if you want to open the door,” the viewing audience is led on an obstacle course of sorts, with various props and cues, all neatly supplied in a gift suitcase, sent to each household prior to the show.  One such item is a colorful key, a definite must have, to enter the door you never saw before. Another fun prop is glasses, literally, a visual aid to seeing the colorful woods in a much less scary, non threatening way. The participants don the fun glasses to “look like students” during their magical learning adventure through zany hijinks, all the while learning new vocabulary. Fun fact: metal, medal, meddle, and mettle are homophones and we’ve all needed mettle(resilience, strength) this past year and a half.  Words aren’t always what they seem. Also, throughout the show, viewers choose between options, such as ‘library’ or ‘lost and found,’ in order to join smaller breakout rooms, a show within a show, as it were. Each of us are sure to learn something new we never knew, by show’s end. The show is a fun travel through lands of adventure, travel, education, and music in the most random, amusing way.  The ensemble encourages everyone to find their superpowers within and never feel defeat.  Michael, Shyla, and Gabrielle are quite the naturals in bringing out audience members’ (particularly kids), reactions and suggestions, particularly in which direction to take next.  The children in the zoom audience of the matinee show I attended were completely mesmerized from show’s start to finish; they especially liked the suitcase prop with all its wondrous surprises. There is life beyond pandemic, not just living life stuck at home, but rather opening the door you never saw before.

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