Red, White & Blue Meets Blue & and White @ The Braid

“Star Spangled Sabra,” a production of the Braid, had its world premiere, March 2022. Directed by Susan Morganstern, produced by Ronda Spinak, and co-produced by Sharon Landau, Star Spangled Sabra is tough on the outside and soft and sensitive in the inside, much like the sabra fruit itself. Each vignette throws a powerful punch about adjusting to life in the states with shocking yet delicate honesty, bringing consciousness and awareness of a newcomer’s plight transition into a whole new culture and way of life. One particular story of note, was “Lost in Translation,” written by Sharon Landau and performed by Rosie Moss and Meitar Paz. The scenario gives a whole new meaning to the term, “open house,” in the real estate lingo. In “You Are One of Us,” written by Michael Kagan, and performed by Jordan Bielsky and Lisa Ann Grant, the theme of ‘American Israeli’ or ‘Israeli American’ is even further explored, proving that one is proud to be both. In “Reclaiming What Was Lost,” written by Rabbi Professor Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, Lisa Ann Grant portrays how this heroic woman lives out her dream of ‘having it all,’ a career and family life, as the Talmud states, man/woman plans and God laughs. What is consistent throughout each story is how each actor spoke the written words so emphatically and credibly, as if the stories told were truly their own. During the post show q& a, Meitar Paz stated “the emotion you saw is real.” To achieve such emotion in each story, The Braid was impeccable in its casting choices. This show is truly a noble, honest work of art, full of star spangled drama and humor. This show recounts nineteen heartfelt stories from super bowl parties to the American Bar Mitzvah to homecoming, and patience while standing in line, through a series of brilliant vignettes and soliloquies. This amazing ensemble (Jordan Bielsky, Roni Geva, Rosie Moss, Meitar Paz, and Lisa Ann Grant) infuses their roles with a raw intensity of personal experience that illuminates enduring truths. Their personal, heartfelt stories deal with unique situations of adjusting to a new land, a new life, a new beginning, yet forever holding their homeland of Israel, near and dear. With hard edged and gritty subject matter, combined with soft and sentimental moments, “Star Spangled Sabra” lives up to its name, and the Braid lives up to its stellar reputation as the finest Los Angeles offers.


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