Girls plan, Pastor thwarts… in “Man of God” @ the Geffen

“Man of God” at the Geffen Playhouse is a multi colored, multi layered picture portrait of a dramatic situation that occurs when a quartet of young 20 something Asian females go on a trip with their pastor (Albert Park) to Bangkok, Thailand. At play’s open, the girls are doing what their ilk like to do best, discussing the vagaries of being cramped together in one hotel room, and immediately extolling the praises of their pastor, their leader, their protector, their role model to be looked up to and venerated. Their saucy language is delightful, lyrical, and comical in one, by the brilliantly talented writer Anna Ouyang Moench. The audience is privy to the distinctly different personalities of the featured characters, portrayed by impeccably talented actresses Shirley Chen; Emma Galbraith; Erin Rae Li; and Ji-Young Yoo. Of particular note is Rae Li, as Mimi, an ‘in your face’ corrector of all bad deeds and thoughts. Their idyllic vacation/trip is rudely awakened/ girl- interrupted when one of the girls discovers a hidden camera in the bathroom. To their shock and dismay, they can’t fathom who would have done this obvious act of voyeurism. Their attention and suspicion turns to Pastor as perpetrator of this dastardly action, and upon perusal of the camera, they see it is indeed the property of their ‘caretaker.’

The play is interspersed with scenes of dramatic fantasy, conjured up by the talented playwright (Moench); and beautifully staged by director Maggie Burrows, that amplify the storyline. This play’s brilliant theme is the meaning of good and evil, and how it applies to the seemingly mundane lives of four on a ‘girls’ trip.’ Their trip is much more than a simple journey; it is an exploration waylayed by the ever so righteous ‘man of the cloth.’ The ‘holier than Thou’ man of God accompanying them on a path of discovery of their innocent souls. The set is exquisitely designed by Se Oh; the lighting by Lap Chi Chu; and the original music and sound design by Jonathan Snipes, are top rate. This production is a must see visceral experience, yet again meeting the high standards of the Geffen, in presenting only the best that Los Angeles regional theatre has to offer.

Through June 19th

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