The New Babe in Town at Whitefire

“Baby, Oh Baby,” written by Phil Scarpaci and T.J. Shannon, and produced by Pattie Kelly,  takes fertility to the next level in this new, quirky, quite the edgy British comedy at Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks.  This theatre yet again lives up to its stellar reputation of providing cheeky, witty material,, the onstage equivalent of what HBO and Amazon has done for the television industry.

The story, set in a suburb of London, revolves around four main characters: Bella (Amy Tolsky); Angie (Felicity Wren); Weena (Douglas Scott Sorenson) and Chris (Kaelan Strouse).  This cohesive ensemble is superb, with range of emotion and intensity abundant.  This play evolved and was born out of Scapaci and Shannon’s fascination with relationships today amidst the sensitive singles crowd, facing ticking time clocks and sperm donors.    The show’s themes are sure to resonate with audiences of all generations and genders, the priceless yearning of having a baby at all odds… in order to leave one’s legacy and create purpose.  All the trials and tribulations of today’s modern day desires are  covered.  This isn’t your grandmother or fairy god mother’s classic Cinderella story of ‘happily ever after,’ but rather a look at “I am Woman, hear me roar,” ala Helen Reddy.  The damsel in distress doesn’t seek a man to solve it all; rather, she can have a go at it alone, facing the daunting task of having a baby, then raising it to adulthood and beyond, all solo.

Theatre now has the freedom of taking once taboo subjects onto the stage, and running with it, with dialogue so naturally delivered, almost in the realm of improv or stream of consciousness.  “Baby, Oh Baby” is one such example.


Through June 4th


Saturday evenings 8PM

Whitefire Theatre  13500 Ventura Blvd






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