Brandon Raman creates sacred space… in his one man show.

Brandon Raman performed his livestream solo show, “I Can’t Indian Good,”   at the Whitefire Theatre. His is a stunning one man show that entertains, titillates, and disturbs us all in one. It is written and performed by the multi talented Brandon Raman.  At show’s start, Brandon introduces himself in a ‘show within a show,’ as he is being interviewed by a late night talk show host, ambivalent and insecure of his heritage and identity.  Rather than a proud Bollywood style introduction, he’s meek and in need of a stronger sense of self and pride.  The way Brandon’s character evolves from start to finish is poignant and serves as a great role model for all ethnicities and cultures to take pride in themselves.  Gradually we witness him morphing into a proud, strong man of Indian culture, honoring his mother, grandparents and uncles that came before him, paving the way for greatness.  We come to understand, as does Brandon, his complex, rich history, as he plays the multitude of characters who come to teach him the importance of holding onto the past while reaching towards the future, always with mind and feet planted in the present.  His grasp of nuances, accents, and physical comedy impeccably capture a visual image of each character he portrays.  Brandon is quite the master storyteller,  vividly revealing the persona of each influence on his life journey.  As the writer of his own true  story, he tells how diversity overcomes discrimination.  He displays his loyalty steeped in his tradition, while embracing the new, a juxtaposition, almost as if he’s at war with himself.  He moves about the stage with poise and serenity as he becomes comfortable ‘in his own skin,’ assuming an almost yogic calm, a signature characteristic of Indian culture.  His natural aura will amaze you, as it did me.  Brandon Raman is a true professional, in every sense of the word; he has done an exemplary job in this performance, presenting a strong man, not afraid to speak his truth.  Brandon Raman knows where he comes from…and where he is going.

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